The Learning environment

The Learning environment  There is often a trap in the words 'after school activities'. One may  easily believe that since these activities are after school, they are not ...


App finds safest S.F. neighborhoods for biking and walking

Go wants to help San Franciscans bike, walk or drive wherever they’re going without incident. Their Go Safe Map app helps iPhone and Apple Watch users do this by highlighting safe areas and...

Windows Phone

Popular game Crossy Road comes to Windows Phone

Crossy Road is a very popular game from iOS and Android which has found its way into the Windows Phone ecosystem. It has 50 million players worldwide and is Hipster Whale’s massive viral #1...


New 4.7 inch Windows Phone RM-1127 show up in import registry

Despite the somewhat distant release date of Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft is continuing to pump out mid-range Windows Phones. The latest device to be spotted is the RM-1127, a 4.7 inch single-SIM...


Show Mom your love with a surprise Mother's Day lunch

Seeing the prepared individual servings online made this too cute to pass up with layers of strawberries, homemade custard and blackberry filling. As much as the food was delicious, the best part...


What Facebook Would Look Like If It Got Rid of Everything You Hate

These days it seems like users have more complaints about Facebook than anything else. Whether it's spammy ads or uninformed "friends" posting ridiculous statuses, nothing will please the Facebook.


Mayweather v Pacquiao: The weigh-in

Floyd Mayweather will have a slight weight advantage over Manny Pacquiao when they meet in Las Vegas this weekend.